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Speakers > Yur.Beat One
Yur.Beat One

The YURAKU Yur.Beat One is the new generation of portable speaker with built-in rechargeable battery and high compatibility with all playback devices with 3.5mm audio socket.

With its new design and higher quality it will top the previous Capsule Speaker. Your ears will enjoy a new generation of sound pleasure.

Package contents
- Yur.Beat One
- USB charging / audio cable
- Protection Pouch
- Manual

  • Portable Speaker System
  • Plays music from all players with 3.5mm stereo socket
  • New and patented vacuum technology brings real bass pleasure
  • Built-in rechargeable battery


  •   Product Specifications   
    Audio System   Mono  
    Channels   1  
    Audio Output   3.5mm  
    Regulation   CE  
    Power Output   1.7 Watt  
    Power Input   L/R 380mV  
    Frequency response   280Hz 16kHz  
    Signal to Noise   > 80db  
    Distortion   < 0,5%  
    Playback duration   2,5 4 hours  
    Yur.Beat One Datasheet 
      Shipping Information   
    Product Dimension   36mm (diameter) x 36.5mm (height)  
    Gift Box Dimension   90mm x 40mm x 130mm  
    Net Weight / Gross Weight
    (Set + Package)
    56g / 126g  



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