Nachrichten aus die Welt der erneuerbare Energie
Rome fair 2007 28.11.2007
Danke für Rom 2007
We would like to thank all the people we have had the pleasure to meet during The Rome fair. We have always had very busy days and this made us even more conscious of the high interest towards Yuraku. During the following weeks we will contact all the participants for continuing the talks we have started and put in action all the interesting offers we have received.
Yuraku Photovoltaischen Großanlage 03.11.2007
Yuraku Photovoltaischen Großanlage
Sämtliche Anträge, die zum Bau der ersten Photovoltaischen Großanlage Yuraku notwendig waren, würden der Region Sizilien überreicht. Es handelt sich um die erste einer langen Serie der Yuraku Anlagen, die in Zusammenarbeit mit ESI Genua auf italienischem Boden erstellt werden.
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New thermic panels arrived!
We are delighted to introduce you our new thermal products. Two types of solar collectors (16 & 48 tubes) and 2 solar heaters (150Lt & 200Lt). Those products will allow you to heat water and your house using the heat of the sun!
Big Banks Back Big Solar
Wells Fargo said today it has invested in Nevada Solar One, a $266 million, 64-megawatt solar power plant. The solar trough power station outside of Las Vegas was built by Spain's Acciona Energy and will supply carbon-free electricity to two utilities.
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Google Switches on Solar
Google has just switched on it's gigantic solar project and, in traditional Google fashion, has an excellent web-based application tracking its progress.
Anyone familiar with Google's stats package will recognize the software used here, but it's really cool to see the actual amount of power being generated by the panels at any given time....
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Parents and Health Experts Try to Ease Italy’s Pollution
This part of northern Italy is renowned for fashion, food, Fiat. But now it has another, less welcome claim to fame: the cities here have the worst air pollution in Europe.
By mid-May, Milan had already exceeded European Union and World Health Organization limits for particle pollution in the air on 80 days. Last year was bad, too...
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New Polycristalline product range on site!
We are delighted to indroduce the new Polycristalline product line. This new line is more efficient, powerful and 1000V oriented.
This new product range goes from 170 watt to 200 watt. Composed by 54 cells, the panel efficiency reaches 13,8% showing the high quality of the products.
We hope that with this new range we are even more close to our customers needs.
Renewable energy website opening
We are delighted to introduce the new renewable energy website of Yuraku PTE LTD. This site is intended to give most of the answers that people want to know when questioning about renewable energy.
Yuraku is officially entered in the renewable energy market. A lot have been done to make this step and we know that a lot have still to be done to improve ourselves. As for our technology products, we will focus most of our efforts to provide our customers the best products available on the market and the best after-selling service that have distinguished our company throughout the past years. We hope that everybody will understand that reduce energy consumption and produce as much renewable energy as possible, have to be the main goal for governments and for every citizen of the world. I want to thank all the people that have made this fundamental step possible but want also remind them that this new challenge is only at the beginning and that efforts are not finished yet.
Self-Powered Sky Scraper: 300,000 sq.ft of Solar
This skyscraper, to be built in Dubai, is called the Burj al-Taqa ('Energy Tower'), and it will produce 100% of its own power. The tower will have a huge (197 foot diameter) wind turbine on its roof, and arrays of solar cells that will total 161,459 square feet in size. Additional energy is provided by an island of solar panels, which drifts in the sea within viewing distance of the tower...
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Kohl's to go solar in California
Kohl's Corp. will convert most of its California department stores to solar power starting next month, the company will announce today.
Kohl's agreement to buy solar power from SunEdison is the largest purchase and deployment of solar power by a single entity in U.S. history, according to SunEdison LLC, North America's largest solar energy service provider...
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WalMart Solar to Produce 20 Million kWh/yr
Today Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE: WMT), announced a major purchase of solar power from three solar power providers, BP Solar, SunEdison LLC, and PowerLight, a subsidiary of SunPower Corporation, for 22 combined Wal-Mart stores, Sam's Clubs and a distribution center in Hawaii and California. As part of a pilot project to determine solar power viability for Wal-Mart, the total solar power production...
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Cost of Solar Power to Match Coal by 2010
TA new study has shown that joining the solar power club will soon be much cheaper. Costs to manufacture and install solar power are deterrents to its use today, but the report predicts solar power costs to drop to match the cost of getting electricity from a new coal power plant in the next Three Years...
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The World's Largest Solar Project
Getting solar photovoltaic modules in the U.S. can be a major challenge, says Jigar Shah, Managing Partner of Maryland-based SunEdison. He should know, too. His company, in partnership with a Nevada-based project integrator, announced construction will soon begin on an 18 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) project that would provide power to a U.S. military base in the Nevada Desert...
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Solar Sky Scraper: Over 7000 Panels
The facade of this Manchester skyscraper (owned by CIS, an insurance company) was original covered with small mosaic tiles, but after only six months, they began to detach and fall. A solution was needed, and a company called solarcentury came up with a clever idea replacing the failing tiles with solar cells...
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